FORCE Technology has performed calibration within force. pressure and torque on many DSB locations. 

DSB – creating continuity since 1847 

DSB is an independent Danish state owned railway company run on a business-like basis. DSB has been on the Danish tracks since 1847, and is today operating the regional trains in Denmark, the city train system in Copenhagen and the international train services. 

DSB consists today of a parent company and a number of independent limited companies. The company employs around 7,800 people, serving 500,000 travellers each day. In 2013, a total of 185,1 million journeys were made in Denmark with DSB and 109,2 million journeys with the city train system in Copenhagen. 

The purpose of DSB is to contribute to sustainable growth and mobility in Denmark by securing reliable train services and continuous public transportation. Reliable train service depends among other things on precise, reliable and calibrated measuring equipment.  

Co-operation with FORCE Technology in connection with calibration of measuring equipment

Since 1994, DSB has been accredited for calibration of mechanical measuring equipment and has performed calibration internally. External suppliers calibrate the equipment that DSB cannot handle, mainly electronic equipment, by means of a framework agreement. 

Besides the areas covered by external suppliers, the department DSB Maintenance, Mechanical Calibration also co-operates with other companies, such as FORCE Technology, on specific areas. FORCE Technology has for example calibrated pressure, power and torque equipment for several DSB departments on different locations. 

”For some of the calibrations, FORCE Technology was the only possible accredited supplier on the specific area. Other calibrations could be performed by several other laboratories. However, we already had a good co-operation with FORCE Technology and preferred to buy the services from the same supplier,” says Jan Larsen from DSB Maintenance, Mechanical Calibration. 

Excellent service and guidance from FORCE Technology 

Jan Larsen is satisfied with the calibration services and the consultancy given by FORCE Technology during the co-operation: 

”Right from day one, we have received excellent service and consultancy. FORCE Technology has also been ready to help us find suitable solutions to situations where they could not solve the problem,” Jan Larsen says and continues ”Of course there is a difference in whether we communicate with the laboratory in Vejen, Esbjerg or Brøndby, but we have always got the required assistance. I would not hesitate to recommend my contacts to seek consultancy or purchase services from FORCE Technology.”

DSB Calibration of equipment
DSB Calibration of equipment
DSB Calibration of measuring equipment