The company Haystack approached us to get technological assistance in the development of their digital piggy bank concept - ERNIT.

Help with implementation of FinTech solution

Haystack had nailed down the overall concept and needed help figuring out how to implement the electronics and how to design the user experience around the available technologies.

Together we worked on the concept, adapting their ideas to the reality of producing electronic products and iterated on electronic sketches to try out interactive elements.

The concept was tested with kids in a design game developed for the occasion, and the results were evaluated by a design panel to validate the decisions for next steps of the cashless piggy bank concept.

The project was supported by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Playing and the fact that we are turning a trivial task like savings into a game and a competition is a key part of ERNIT. The piggy bank motivates and teach the children that money actually exists. Søren Nielsen, Director and one of the three founders. / ERNIT