FORCE Technology has conducted a flow analysis on a flue gas cleaning system for BornholmerFærgen, MS Hammer-odde. Major development project with Catcon assists the maritime industry in meeting new legal requirements on emissions at sea.

In connection with a project on design and establishment of a flue gas cleaning system for BornholmerFærgen the Danish company Catcon A/S requested project cooperation with FORCE Technology through the knowledge coupon arrangement under the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation.

Catcon, who produces flue gas systems for the maritime industry, needed expert advice for designing the plant.  A great part of the challenge by design of the SCR-system for vessels is the limited space, which poses large requirements for the bends in the system.

Flow analyses optimise design

In FORCE Technology’s department for industrial processes, by use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) was built a numeric model of the SCR-system for BornholmerFærgen. CFD is used to calculate advanced flow patterns which would otherwise require extensive tests and measurements. CFD provides an opportunity to adjust the system structure and the placing of guide vanes in the bends and then analyse when the flow is at its optimum.

Subsequently, FORCE Technology could advise Catcon as to the structure of the system and the location of nozzles and guide vanes, so that the flow in the system would be optimised. Hence, Catcon was able to achieve a better blend of urea and flue gas in the system, making it less expensive and more environmentally friendly to clean the flue gas of NOx and thereby meet the statutory requirements.

Tightened rules for less emission

The increasing attention to flue gas cleaning in vessels comes in the wake of the tightened requirements for NOx emissions from IMO (International Maritime Organization), and a demand for new solutions, reducing emission of environmental and health endangering materials within shipping, has emerged.

One of the technologies, which may be applied for flue gas cleaning, is the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) which gives up to 80 % NOx reduction.