Through CFD simulations we help large power plants and industrial companies in China to remove harmful substances from their exhaust gas.

"The effect of our assistance to Chinese companies literally improves the lives of millions of people", explains our China Liaison Manager, Minjie Zeng.

We use calculation models, CFD simulations and testing on realistic scale models to ensure optimum flow in their exhaust gas scrubbing systems. With China´s new five-year plan for 2016-2020, we have had to quickly expand our competences to also meet the needs of Chinese companies for removing sulphur from exhaust gases.

We have therefore developed new CFD models and specially designed new testing facilities with multiphase flow, enabling us to test the desulphurization of exhaust gases. In 2015 one of our first customers was a long-time partner, the high-tech advisor on clean air solutions, Tongfang Environment CO., Ltd.

“The cooperation with FORCE Technology in designing and testing clean emission technologies is essential in our work on power plants and in reaching the 2020 goals of clean emission in China”, says Ms. Tang Leping, Vice President at Tongfang Environment CO., Ltd.

With CFD simulations we can test the desulphurization of exhaust gases and cut emissions.