Korea Institute for Material Science, KIMS-WTRC, is the first Korean buyer of a complete ultrasonic system for examination of wind turbine blades.

For several years, FORCE Technology has worked with Korean companies, and there is a growing potential for our ultrasonic systems in the Korean market. 

In 2014 and for the first time, we supplied a complete ultrasonic system for examination of wind turbine blades in Korea. The buyer of the system, KIMS-WTRC, which is financed by the Korean government, aims to support the country’s companies in technological development, test and evaluation. 

KIMS-WTRC’s new system consists of our P-scan System 4 Lite (PSP-4) and an AMS-69 wind turbine blade scanner, which is capable of scanning vertically oriented blades.

Several users of the system

When KIMS-WTRC is not using the system, they lend it to a Korean wind turbine blade manufacturer, who employ it in the quality control of the manufactured blades. The system scans for typical internal flaws such as delaminations, adhesive defects and resin-poor areas. The area, size and depth of flaws and total laminate thickness is visualized and measured by the integrated P-scan software.

Increasing sales in Korea

Over the past years, the sale of P-scan systems and scanners to metal manufacturing industries has increased in Korea, and with the introduction of the new P-scan Stack system, we expect that increase to continue. Primarily because we have developed automated solutions that include the Phased Array technique, which is in strong demand in Korea.

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