With the commencement of the new year 2011, Bogense Fjernvarme  was the first to put a new biomass system into operation. The biomass system has been developed by the newly established company Dall Energy with assistance from the GTScompany FORCE Technology. 

In October 2010, the system was awarded the Innovation prize at the Spanish Fair for bioenergy, Expobioenergia 2010. Now, the company is in for the European market and expected annual sales of several hundred million Danish Kroner.

Steady operation and the possibility of supplying CO2neutral energy to the town. Those were the arguments when Bogense Fjernvarme (Bogense Forsyningsselskab A.m.b.a. District Heating Company), as the first in the world chose a biomass system from Dall Energy. The new system combusts many types of biofuel and it has good adjustment and environmental properties, relates Director Jens Dall Bentzen of Dall Energy.

”We have designed a new combustion concept. Our technique is unique as it applies all types of biofuel. At the same time, it has high efficiency and less maintenance and not least it is much less environmentally unsustainable than other types of furnaces”.

When Jens Dall Bentzen established the company Dall Energy in 2007, he did not know how long it would take until he would have a fully-developed biomass system. Today, after three years of development work he has sold his first biomass system. “It is a huge step for the company that the first system has been sold and soon ready to run in Bogense”. Now, the customers may experience the qualities of the system in practice”, says Jens Dall Bentzen.

FORCE Technology supplied the computer simulation

The GTScompany FORCE Technology has played a key role in the development work. Combustion in the new system has been simulated with computers, in order to design it optimally. This is crucial in order to obtain energy-efficient and thus economical combustion.

The co-operation was supported by the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation with a so-called knowledge coupon, covering the costs of FORCE Technology’s computer simulation.

”In Denmark only FORCE Technology possesses the competences I need to get a precise computer simulation of the combustion in the system. The same competences may be found with major Danish companies, but I have no access to them. Thus, co-operating with FORCE Technology was paramount to my progressing with the development”, says Jens Dall Bentzen.