FORCE Technology has developed a simulator, which forms the basis of a waste-to-energy course. The course contributes to optimisation of the operation of Danish waste-to-energy plants.

FORCE Technology’s course ’Operation of waste-to-energy plants’ includes i.a. simulator based training aimed at the operators in Danish waste-to-energy plants. The course enhances the operations engineers’ comprehension of the dynamics in the waste-to-energy processes and the factors influencing them, which again provides better provisions for operation optimisation.

The simulator’s financial model also provides the operations engineer with the opportunity to see, how the operation may influence the economy of the plant positively and negatively.

Maintenance and operation speak the same language

Even if the target group for the course are operations engineers, several plants, e.g. I/S Vestforbrænding, have chosen to also have their maintenance personnel take the course. 

Maintenance Manager John K. Olsen says:”The simulation exercises in the course and the exchange of experiences with the course participants, who work on operation, provide our maintenance personnel with an understanding of the operations engineers’ work. The course also contributes to giving our employees in maintenance and operation a mutual language”. 

Not far from demand to action

FORCE Technology has developed simulators since 1987. Thus, it did not take long from an identified demand in the Danish waste incineration industry to the idea of developing a training simulator, to be used as platform for a course on the waste incineration processes. The course is regularly adjusted to the requirements of the industry based on course evaluations and dialogue with the plants.

Three divisions, eight departments and 14 employees across the company have been involved in developing the advanced training simulator, which covers the complete waste-to-energy process with a modern and pedagogical user interface.

Dialoque with Swedish plants

There are approximately 320 operations engineers and a smaller number of maintenance personnel at the Danish waste-to-energy plants, and until now approximately 2/3 of all operations engineers and a number of maintenance personnel have been through the course. Thus, we are now communicating with the industry association in Sweden about the possibility of providing the course in Sweden.

Furthermore, it will be possible to adjust the simulator to other kinds of plants, e.g. biomass plants, if the market potential is present.