Banedanmark gather their education of welders in one location and FORCE Technology provides facilities and staff.

Banedanmark would like a fixed location for the training of their welders. Over the past years, training has been conducted at several locations, in both Denmark and Sweden. FORCE Technology has now acquired equipment and designed the premises so that Banedanmark may get their welders trained and certified at the same location every time.

Customised education – increased competences

”FORCE Technology can customise our education so that our welders will be trained in the exact welding operations that we need”, says Poul Aa. R. Pedersen, acting welding co-ordinator with Banedanmark, and he continues: ”We have previously experienced that our welders lacked competences when they had been trained abroad, however, we will not have to worry about that now”.

High technical level of content

”We have always used FORCE Certification A/S for certification of our welders, even if they had been trained abroad. Thus, it was an obvious choice to contact you. You presented us with a professional proposal, which was a good alternative to those already on the market. We are ensured a high technical level in the courses and the facilities are brilliant”, says Poul Aa. R. Pedersen.

Good business partner

”We will start with the training in thermite welding and go on to rail welding. This is an excellent opportunity for us and with you we have been granted a good business partner in future”, concludes Poul Aa. R. Pedersen.