Crispy Food is a global food supplier both to Danish and international food distributors. As a global supplier, the company has met demands for e-marking their products. In order to meet this demand, Crispy Food collaborated with FORCE Technology regarding e-marked prepackages.

Crispy Food is the market leading supplier in food products

Crispy Food is a Danish company located in Gørlev, west Zealand. Since 1970, the company has produced food products. Crispy Food currently has 77 employees and serves customers around the world.

Crispy Food has been appointed Gazelle Company of the year twice by Børsen, the Danish daily newspaper specializing in business news, most recently in 2014.

The product portfolio includes muesli in bags and as filling in the so-called top cups on yoghurt, as well as other filling in top cups such as chocolate and cake, nuts, seeds, croutons, fruit or sugar. In addition to that, the company produces fibers and muesli for pastry and nougat for ice cream.

Consumers rarely see the name Crispy Food in stores. Their products are often produced for distributors who use their own name and product line. Only few products are distributed under the name Crispy Food, i.e. with own label.

E-marking is offered on request from Crispy Food’s customers

The need for e-marked prepackages came from a large international customer to whom Crispy Food delivered muesli in bags. Plant Manager Allan Madsen turned to FORCE Technology in order to get permission to e-marking the product.

”I turned to FORCE Technology in an urgent matter because a customer required e-marking of a product. I was met with great flexibility. The consultant quickly handled our demand, and afterwards I had a very good dialogue with him. I am very pleased with the service I received and the high professional level, the consultant showed”, says Alan Madsen.

Alan Madsen sees e-marking as a good service to his customers. “E-marking is driven by customer requirements. However, we are up front now. Next time, a customer requires the e-mark on a prepack, we know what it is all about and what it takes. Furthermore, we are ready when the next customer asks for e-marking”, says Allan Madsen.

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