With assistance from FORCE Technology, Technical Operation at H. Lundbeck is successfully implementing the Kaizen improvement culture in their administration processes.

H. Lundbeck A/S has embraced culture. One of the leading pharmaceutical companies within the central nervous system worldwide has now realised the need to be able to make quick improvements both in production and in their administrative processes.

Therefore, Technical Operation at H. Lundbeck decided to implement the Kaizen culture. The process is completed in collaboration with FORCE Technology.

Interaction at all levels

Through Kaizen the employees of the company create an optimisation culture which contributes to ensuring integrated development of quality and productivity. The Kaizen philosophy is about development of employee understanding regarding qualitative improvements at all levels of the company. 

Only through a committed management effort and by influencing employee attitudes is it possible to implement and embed Kaizen in the company and thereby obtain significant results when it comes to production goals and culture. Lundbeck is an excellent example of this.

Primary and secondary goals have been reached

First, Lundbeck addressed the handling of work orders for maintenance of all their production systems. This was a central administrative process with an obvious potential for improvement.

A value stream analysis made in collaboration with the employees led to a number of goals for the first Kaizen event. After the first seven-week event, all the primary and secondary goals were reached. 
  • Lead time is reduced by 65% 
  • Transfer of responsibility is reduced by 44% 
  • Financial savings of min. DKK 200,000 the first year. 
Lundbeck has also reached all the secondary goals: Expanded supplier co-operation, standardised work processes and employee training. So, after seven weeks of learning the first Kaizen process has been completed. And a tested and efficient improvement culture has taken root at H. Lundbeck.

Cultural foundation for adding value 

The effect is very much a result of major employee involvement in the team. One of the company’s own project managers has been in charge with a view to ensuring that the Kaizen values are permanent and embedded in the organisation.

FORCE Technology’s production excellence group has now created the cultural basis for continuous improvements and the customer has an operational Kaizen manual which has been developed specifically for H. Lundbeck. Now, new events will take place with involvement of new employees for the process to move on. 

Frank Madsen, Manager of Technical Operation at Lundbeck: ”We are very pleased with our co-operation with FORCE Technology: At H. Lundbeck we have seen a number of advantages of Kaizen, and we have now decided to implement the tool in all the operational areas of the Group”.