Jensen Cykler has been building hand made bicycles since 1972, and is well known for consistent high quality and customisability.

In recent years, Jensen Cykler has also been selling electrical bikes, and here they saw a need for a better e-bike for people with various disabilities.

Jensen Cykler contacted IdemoLab and a publicly funded development project was set up. IdemoLab helped Jensen Cykler mapping the multitude of features relevant for the different user groups and combining and selecting the ones to focus on.

Based on these features a series of electronic sketches were developed together with users to test and improve the features. The result of the project was a concept for better user interfaces and interaction for people with e.g. arthritis and bike features that reduced uncertainty for people with reduced mobility.

IdemoLab bridges the gap between technology and design. We focus on the important early stages of the design process and strive to create meaningful experiences for users and customers. IdemoLab / FORCE Technology