A solar system should be able to supply energy whenever the sun shines. It is a huge challenge for the boilers of the system to heat up rapidly and cool down again every day. FORCE Technology helps ensuring supply of green energy.

Aalborg CSP A/S holds more than 25 years experience within the steam boiler industry, and has supplied steam boilers for some of the largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plants in the world. The boiler plants provide up to 50 MW and weigh up to 700 tonnes.

By avoiding unnecessary operation stops, the power plants may increase their productivity and thus obtain shorter repayment time on the systems. Therefore, Aalborg CSP has teamed up with FORCE Technology, who ensures the quality of the welds on the boilers, in order to avoid expensive production shut downs on various sites around the world.

We trust your recommendation

”We draw on FORCE Technology’s huge professional knowledge when we choose new suppliers for our boiler systems. In the design phase it is important to clarify which materials to apply and how various steel types may be welded together to ensure that the quality is correct from the beginning.

FORCE Technology reviews the weld procedure specifications (WPS) for us, in order to ensure that the welds will endure the huge temperature variations to which they are exposed daily”, says Peter Thomsen, Quality Assurance manager for Aalborg CSP A/S. ”We have various suppliers around the world and even if the suppliers themselves sometimes have an idea how to weld the materials together, we follow FORCE Technology’s recommendations as we know the quality of their work”, he continues.

Analyses the cause and suggest an improvement

”Naturally, we prefer to prevent instead of repairing damages, but in the few cases where a weld technical problem occurs, FORCE Technology will analyse the cause, which includes reviewing  the weld procedure specifications (WPS). We are then recommended how to repair the damage, in order for us to get the system supplying energy again as fast as possible”, concludes Peter Thomsen.