FORCE Technology’s expertise makes it possible for MarineShaft Hirtshals A/S to repair rudders and propeller equipment on-site globally.

Every ship owner’s worst nightmare is when a vessel is in dock. In the shipping business, time equals a huge amount of money and lay days may cost several hundred thousand dollars a day. Thus, it is paramount to MarineShaft Hirtshals A/S to be able to act immediately if e.g. a rudder stock has been bent.

From Hirtshals to Shanghai

MarineShaft is a highly specialised Danish company, and serves customers around the world. “Our job is to perform high quality ship repairs at very short notice. Therefore, the dialogue with FORCE Technology and your prompt service is crucial in order for us to help our customers when a ship is in dock. 

On several occasions, we have brought personnel from FORCE Technology with us on welding tasks on-site, e.g. in Germany, China and Shanghai”, says Managing Director Anders Jensen, with MarineShaft Holding A/S.

MarineShaft performs all kinds of repairs on propeller equipment and rudder arrangements in the work-shop at Hirtshals, but also on-site throughout the world. The delivery time on spare parts for e.g. a rudder arrangement may be up to several months, i.e. the services of MarineShaft are very much in demand. But a customer’s problem may be very complex and the requirements for documenting the solution are high.

Extraordinary sparring and impartial party

As a sparring partner in welding, FORCE Technology assists MarineShaft preparing new welding specifications including recommended filler metal composition. We perform ultrasonic examinations, conduct hardness tests and material tests from the Hirtshals-company. The classification companies require a third and impartial party perform the tests and documents to ensure that repairs fulfil the companies’ requirements and rules.

”With MarineShaft we have a skilled staff of well educated engineering workers, propeller specialists and certificate welders. But when the task involves e.g. extraordinary welding tasks we make use of FORCE Technology’s great expertise”, concludes Anders Jensen.