When it comes to the environment, ARGO’s ambition is to be at the forefront, which is why ARGO focuses heavily on environmental and performance measurements, including quality assurance of automatic metering systems (AMS).

ARGO – a modern, environmentally-conscious waste company

ARGO is a stakeholder-owned waste company that handles waste for private residents and businesses in nine municipalities across Zealand. The company functions as a knowledge centre for local residents, businesses and municipal stakeholders. ARGO employs roughly 130 staff across Denmark (2015 figures). 

ARGO operates district combined heat and power plants (combustion plants), 14 recycling centres and one landfill site. The company also runs a recycling terminal that bales together paper, cardboard and plastic as well as a reloading station that reloads combustible waste.

Tender procedure and choosing FORCE Technology

Just like other waste companies, ARGO is subject to demands from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency regarding emission measurements of flue gas. ARGO’s emission measurements and quality control of AMS is, like other public sector tasks, outsourced to private suppliers in large tendering rounds.

In the last tendering round, ARGO opted to enter into a framework agreement with FORCE Technology as its supplier of emission measurements and quality assurance measurements.

“We had the opportunity to choose between several suppliers, but we chose to continue our collaboration with FORCE Technology. Our collaboration began 15 years ago, and continues to function extremely successfully. We also use FORCE Technology for other types of measurements and operational tasks,” says Berit Nielsen, who is in charge of environmental reports for the CHP plant at ARGO.

FORCE Technology carried out emission measurements and AMS quality assurance

FORCE Technology's list of duties in accordance with the framework agreement comprised:

  • Emission measurements according to the terms of the environmental approval
  • Quality assurance, including implementation of AST, QAL2 and QAL3.

FORCE Technology drew up a program for the execution of the tasks. As the scope of this type of measurements is so large, FORCE Technology focused on optimising the work to ensure that it could be carried out efficiently with regards to time and costs for ARGO.

"The planning of emission measuring is not always easy, because it can very easily be affected by changes in operation. But FORCE Technology has been very flexible in that respect. The consultants have been cooperative, and we tend to hold an annual meeting about the collaboration, in order to discuss whether there is something that should be done differently. What's more, the consultants at FORCE Technology have been great at keeping us informed about new regulations and legislative changes in the area that we should be aware of,” says Berit Nielsen about the current collaboration with FORCE Technology.