Sinopec was developing a gas field with very corrosive gas and FORCE Technology helped Sinopec handle the challenge.

Sinopec, China's largest producer and supplier of refined oil products, gas and petrochemical products, owns the Puguang gas field in the Sichuan province. The gas field was discovered in 2003 and has been developed in recent years.

The gas is very corrosive to the involved pipelines and production equipment, due to a very high content of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide. This exposes the pipelines to an extensive risk of corrosion attacks and a potential risk of leakages and explosions.

Hence, the materials require a lot of corrosion tests and very strict welding procedures.

FORCE Technology’s long-standing expertise in welding and corrosion made Sinopec elect us their external consultant in this very challenging project.

Valuable information for developing aggressive gas fields

In 2008, FORCE Technology supported Sinopec with materials and welding technology which included on-site visits, training, reviews and consultancy.

Mr. Wei, who is chief welding engineer at the Tenth Construction Company of Sinopec and Technical Principal of Puguang welding procedure development project for low sulphur containing pipes says, “FORCE Technology did a very good job and has initiated our establishment of relevant competence. 

It has been confirmed that our sour service handling is right for the Puguang gas field, and we have gained so much valuable information for development of other aggressive gas fields”.

Until now, the low sulphur content material for the  pipeline in Puguang Gas Field has been safely operating for 1 year, and no leakages of pipes have ever occurred.

Currently, FORCE Technology is in dialogue with Sinopec about a similar activity for the Dawan gas field situated close to Puguang.