In the early spring of 2011, Gdynia Maritime University, contracted FORCE Technology to deliver a modern and professional simulator centre for training of crew.

The training comprises shiphandling exercises, crew resource management training, stability training etc.

Gdynia Maritime University is the largest state school of higher maritime education in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.

Since 1920, the university has been preparing graduates for positions as officers on board merchant marine vessels and for managerial positions at the landbased institutions and companies representing the maritime industry and seaside regions. In the future, the simulators provided by FORCE Technology are going to enhance the practical training approach at the university’s faculty of navigation. Since Gdynia Maritime University possesses great knowledge within hydrodynamics, one of the key reasons for Gdynia Maritime University’s choice of FORCE Technology as supplier was the possibility to produce ship models in SimFlex Shipyard based on their own data. 

Customer’s experience wins contracts

The contact between Gdynia Maritime University and FORCE Technology did not follow the usual pattern where FORCE Technology hears about a tender or is invited to give tender. Instead, it all started when Mr. Lukaszewicz Arkadiusz from Gdynia Maritime University visited FORCE Technology as a regular participant on a Bridge Team Management course ordered by Princess Cruises. Here he experienced the functionalities and visual effects of our SimFlex–based simulators. Later, when he had changed position and worked for Gdynia Maritime University who considered establishing their own simulator centre, Lukaszewicz Arkadiusz thought of FORCE Technology and contacted us in order for us to participate in the tender which we ultimately won. 

Knowledgeable customer 

Mechanical Designer Lasse Bonde Christiansen explains, ‘We are, of course, honoured to be to be chosen to deliver simulators to an organisation that possesses so much experience and knowledge within hydrodynamics. This tells us that our mathematical model is still acknowledged as the best on the market, otherwise Gdynia Maritime University wouldn’t have chosen us. But furthermore, we are very happy that our simulators make a lasting impression on our course participants as this is one of the finest recommendations any company can get. This goes to show that the best publicity is the one gained through satisfied customers and quality products.’ 

NACOS Platinum included 

The full-mission simulator and the two parttask bridges are equipped with the newest version of integrated bridge system from SAM Electronics, the NACOS Platinum Integrated Bridge System. These are the first simulators delivered by FORCE Technology to be equipped with the platinum edition. The navigation systems for the bridge are based on the newly developed SAM common hardware/ software platform. With this, the primary applications like RADAR, ECDIS, Trackpilot and Conning Displays will share hardware and data structures, providing an integrated environment in the true meaning of the concept. 

The simulators in Gdynia are the first to be equipped with NACOS Platinum Integrated Bridge System platinum edition. The benefits of real integration are complete data consistency, across-the-platform handling of alarms, truly multi-functional workstations and the greatest scalability and flexibility ever. Furthermore, the common platform gives access to secondary applications and the operation of blind sensors like AIS, VDR and other such devices.

Besides the full-mission bridge and the two part-task bridges, the simulators are equipped with all the standard functions, including FORCE Technology’s market-leading fully modelled tug features.