FORCE Technology helps Siemens Flow Instruments develop flow meters for a number of different liquids such as water, oil and beer.

Water is a costly resource and it is important to measure it correctly. 

Siemens Flow Instruments a/s in Nordborg develops, manufactures, sells and services flow meters in Denmark and the rest of the world. To maintain their market position within flow meters for a number of liquid substances, first and foremost water but also e.g. oil and beer, Siemens must continue developing new technologies and measuring methods. 

But professional sparring  and close co-operation with an internationally renowned test company with access to a fully updated technological infrastructure is required. 

Consultancy and type testing in Denmark

For a number of years, FORCE Technology have helped Siemens develop flow meters and perform type testing. 

It is of great significance to us that we can use a Danish laboratory, when we develop and type test our meters - as a quick response time is extremely important. At the same time, it is very expensive to move both personnel and meters if we use a foreign business partner”, says Gert Jørgensen from Siemens Flow Instruments.

FORCE Technology’s international reputation, e.g. because of the OIML co-operation, is crucial to Siemens; not least to our customers outside of Europe. The co-operation with FORCE Technology ensures us that we always Technology ensures us that we always have the latest knowledge at our disposal for our next customer solution”, concludes Gert Jørgensen.