On 14 July 2012, the container ship MSC Flamina caught fire in the middle of the Atlantic. FORCE Technology is involved in the ongoing investigation of the cause of fire.

Investigation of the cause of fire is still ongoing three years after this and is followed attentively by the involved shipping companies` insurance companies and the owner.

Several times during 2015, FORCE Technology has assisted the team of international fire inspectors in charge of the investigation. 

We have performed the practical work such as sample taking, measuring and analyzing the samples applying advanced metallurgical methods including digital radiography and 3D scanning.

Often we have worked on an ad-hoc basis under personal supervision by the experts who have visited our laboratories for a total of several weeks. 

When a ship catches fire at sea, it has great consequences. It has thus been a task of the utmost importance to our failure analysis group, as their results may contribute to clear up the cause of the fire and put an end to this matter.

Container ship
The investigation of the cause of fire onboard the containership MSC Flamina is still ongoing years after the fire.