With a knowledge coupon from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, FORCE Technology and Mølbro have developed a new method resulting in increased production and higher quality.

Mølbro A/S, who produces ploughshares, holds many years’ substantial experience within the smiths’ tradeaimed at the plant growers, and the company is a significant player worldwide.

In 2013, Mølbro wished to find a more cost-effective method of producing ploughshares and therefore engaged with FORCE Technology with the assistance of the knowledge coupon programme from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. 

Building on each other’s great knowhow, Mølbro and FORCE Technology developed a method that increases and improves production without compromising the quality, which was an invariable requirement from the company. 

Thermal spraying was the solution

For this specific purpose, the best method turned out to be thermal spraying instead of MAG weld on/surface welding. The solution was to maintain Mølbro’s originally applied materials and change the actual manufacturing process.

FORCE Technology’s mechanical tests showed that the method proved correct, but it was not finally approved until it had been subjected to Mølbro’s own test; an extreme wear test, under which the components are exposed to actual use in a field, selected by Mølbro. It turned out that the new method resulted in more durable products.

”Seen from a production and business points of view, Mølbro recognises the necessity of improving our specialist knowledge and products. But international consciousness and duty also play a large role. 

It is therefore very good news that the project has most certainly given rise to new thinking, which again has resulted in planning of completely new and unseen products for the global market”, recounts Carsten Jensen, factory manager with Mølbro A/S.

Productive work is presented at international conference

This productive work is of such a kind that it will be presented at the International Thermal Spraying Conference in Barcelona in 2014. The presentation will, apart from describing wear and metallurgical properties etc., focus on the process and the potentially larger output, existing by application of thermal spraying.

The process also makes several steps in the traditional method superfluous, which in the end makes a positive financial difference.