Water is not just water. You cannot apply the same pipes and fittings for domestic water installations everywhere in Denmark, since the water quality of the area, in which the installation is to be carried out, determines the materials that may be applied.

FORCE Technology functions as connecting link between research and end-user, and they facilitate communicating difficult theoretical material.

Many changes occur in the field for installation of domestic water systems, e.g. other materials than before are being used and that is not altogether without problems. It is not easy to find literature in a comprehensible language in that field.

TEKNIQ and HOFOR listen to us

TEKNIQ, which is a joint employer and business organisation for the installation business use FORCE Technology as a lecturer. ”We need concise technical information which our members can make use of in their everyday situations.

We get that from FORCE Technology, who holds a solid and professional position in the field and who are very good at communicating new knowledge about corrosion in plumbing in a way that is very relevant to our members”, accounts Niels Jørgen Hansen, managing director of TEKNIQ.

HOFOR, Hovedstadsområdets Forsyningsselskab (Greater Copenhagen Utility), also uses FORCE Technology to provide the heating and sanitary engineers in their area with a lift of their competences, which may ensure good drinking water with the end user. 

”We are very satisfied with the presentation, FORCE Technology gave to us”, says Allan Broløs, section manager with HOFOR. ”Co-operating with FORCE Technology always provides great value in a knowledge based world such as ours. Whether it is tests of water meters, professional contributions on corrosion or other, FORCE Technology always provides a professional service”, he concludes.

International key competence

”It is difficult for the business to obtain the same knowledge elsewhere; we hold the international key competences in this field”, says Asbjørn Andersen and Frank Fontenay, specialists with FORCE Technology.

”There is a lot going on in this field these years, and new materials are being applied in the installations”, and they continue, ”It is no longer sufficient to make a pipe installation. The professional plumber must also have basic knowledge about water, metal release, chemistry and corrosion to supply their customers with the correct product”, they conclude.