Laser welding gave SME´s a professional shot in the arm through the R&D project 'Production in Denmark'. Many are now ready to implement laser welding in the production.

The laser welding technology is already available, as was showcased by Peter Tommy Nielsen in and R&D project aimed at Danish SMEs.

“With the ´Production in Denmark´ R&D project, we wanted to make a difference in the here and now utilising technology that hadn´t been sufficiently implemented in the industrial sector. I was one of six activity managers from FORCE Technology and the Danish Technological Institute who each organized interdisciplinary events to give companies a professional shot in the arm.

SMEs work hard day in and day out to survive international competition. My goal was to enable them to take the right decision regarding technology. To give them the knowledge they needed to use laser welding in their own production areas. For instance, through some of the subcontractors they met during the course of the project.

For me, it´s about solving problems and achieving results. At FORCE Technology, I´m involved in a variety of tasks, and there is a good spirit of interdisciplinary cooperation, which enables us to develop the best possible solutions for our customers.

We´ve been on quite a journey with these companies, and many of them will stay in contact with FORCE Technology in the future. They´ve learned that R&D projects make a difference for SMEs and are worth the time,” ends Peter Tommy Nielsen, Project Manager, Welding Innovation.

Laser welding
Laser welding is now on the agenda at SME´s due to the R&D project 'Production in Denmark'.