FORCE Technology performed a life cycle assessment of Danisco's new plasticizer SOFT-N-SAFE in order to document the environmental impact from the product.

SOFT-N-SAFETM is a biodegradable plasticizer which is produced from acetic acid and fully hardened castor oil which is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant.

The product can be used to make plastic products soft and flexible and can replace phthalates as a plasticizer in among other things medical equipment and semi-manufactures for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Products made of a slightly different composition but very similar to SOFT-N-SAFETM are used as an additive in many different foods, among other things chocolate and margarine.

To be able to document the impact of the product on the environment, Danisco decided that a life cycle analysis (LCA) of SOFT-N-SAFETM was to be made. The life cycle assessment was made in accordance with the valid ISO 14040 and 14044 standards and FORCE Technology carried out the external review of the life cycle assessment.

The LCA report showed that the product, as an alternative to the fossil-based products on the market, has a lower environmental impact and is especially characterised by:

  • Low contribution to global warming
  • Low fossil releases
  • Low water pollution
The LCA report is an important documentation tool for Danisco in connection with marketing of the product and it can be applied in their own environmental accounts as well as in their customers’ environmental accounts of products of which SOFT-N-SAFETM forms a part.