36 pistons in one of Scandlines Danmark’s ferries needed replacing according to the technical service manual. Assisted by FORCE Technology, Scandlines Danmark changed the manual and avoided immediate replacement of the pistons.

During scheduled main engine overhaul of one of Scandlines Danmark A/S’ Elsinore ferries the pistons were dismantled and inspected. According to the Wärtsila Danmark A/S service manual, the pistons were apt for complete renewal as they had passed the specified service life time, however:

Pistons last longer

”We had inspected and examined the pistons on the ferry according to the engine manufacturer’s service bulletin, but although the number of operating hours had been exceeded the pistons complied with all the other requirements, and we deemed them as good as new”, says Production Inspector Kurt Sinnerup with Scandlines Danmark.

”I contacted FORCE Technology, since you have helped me in many previous cases – and I attach great importance to your professional expertise. Furthermore, we are well aware that Wärtsila listens to you. Together, we addressed Wärtsilä with our joint documentation”, says Kurt Sinnerup.

New manual: longer service life

Asger Reinholdt, Account Manager Service sales with Wärtsilä says: ”When pistons comply with the established codes and standards, they do not need replacement. This was not unambiguously stated in our technical service manual, but the manual was subsequently clarified and verified by our Finnish parent company”.

Wärtsilä’s service manual has now been changed much to the satisfaction of everyone. And Kurt Sinnerup adds: ”We ended up without having to replace the 36 pistons immediately, which has saved us a lot of money and spared us a lot of trouble”.