Olet Industrigummi A/S now participate in the customers value chain in terms of both design, materials and production with new strategies for business development and implementation of action plans for quality and productivity. 

FORCE Technology has been a sparring partner during the exciting development.

Olet Industrigummi A/S offers as one of few companies in Denmark and with all under the same roof injection molding, compression and transfer molding in technical rubber. The company is an order-producing company and hereby a subcontractor to a wide range of companies in various industries. The company is located in Vejen with 27 employees. 

First step - participation in the Offshore Supply Project

In 2011, the Director was introduced to the Offshore Energy project, which was established by the EU Regional Development Fund and the Southern Growth Forum. Offshore Supply, aimed to equip small and medium size companies to enable subcontractor demands of the offshore companies.

The company participated in the project for strategy development, market development, quality improvement and productivity developments in the business and an action plan was established. FORCE Technology was one of the project coordinators.

The next step was an ‘Innovation check-up’ followed by allocation of an Innovation voucher scheme

To get Olet Industrigummi A/S into a higher league in the customer supply chain an ‘Innovation check-up’ from FORCE Technology with following Innovations voucher scheme from the Agency for Science was used. “A Customer Relationship Management System was installed and we got the tools to develop specific, customized solutions at all levels of production from design, development, and material selection to production and marketing," Lars Schjønning says.

"FORCE Technology consultants contributed and helped with the business and strategy development. The ‘Innovation check-up’ and the following Innovation voucher scheme gave us the knowledge of the opportunities and the knowledge that Danish knowledge institutions possess, and which are available for small businesses like ours. We are busy practicing our business and have no time to get acquainted to opportunities of development and innovation funds ".

The writing on the Wall

"To be close to our customers is a major part of our awareness. We have examples where we are in contact and dialogue with our customer's customer to help our customer find the right solutions. Our employees are involved in the process and are very attentive and committed to the solution of the assignment," Lars Schjønning continues. “As spin-off from the strategy process, posters with our goals were established describing our different development options. The posters are hanging at my office, so the strategy always is in focus and updated. You could say that we have the writing on the wall, and it gives us the security in our busy schedules. " 

The establishment of quality management system provided value

Along the side a management system was established in order to reinforce in which all significant processes are described. The system was ISO 9001 certified in December 2013.

“Yet again we got help by consultants from FORCE Technology. The consultants showed sincere interest in our company the process was good and quickly we aimed the target” Lars Schjønning says. Lars Schjønning put himself at the head of the table in the project from where the knowledge in the company is critical and wherefrom the customers are identified. 

The management system has subsequently been Achilles-approved, which enables the company to deliver to the offshore industry. Next step is the establishment of the tools from TS16949 with PPAP Level 5, APQP, FMEA and 8D which are used within the automotive industry.

The total results

Lars Schjønning concludes that the project in total has moved the company from reactive to proactive collaboration with the customers and a transformation has developed at the company, culturally, a conceptual, managerial and strategic. Both conditions which have increased customer and employee satisfaction and for which provides more incoming orders.