“With the new scanning equipment from FORCE Technology, we achieve an improved control of our consumption of raw products and documented assurance that the density in our mattresses follow the specifications,” says director, Lars Wildenchild for Dan-Foam Aps, which manufactures Tempur mattresses.

A good, faithful mattress that can be trusted is one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep. Dan-Foam Aps at Funen knows that, as do thousands of homes in Denmark and abroad where Dan-Foam’s advanced mattresses of the Tempur brand are the reasons for many hours of quality sleep. 

“Our mattresses are based on high-tech comfort material, which at the time was developed for the American space programme. The mattresses’ visco elastic foam material moulds itself to the body and with its stress relieving properties provides a feeling of weightlessness and good, healthy sleep". 

"We manufacture quality products for the private sector as well as for the health care sector that are supplied with a comprehensive guarantee, which is why we focus intensively on fulfilling the applicable specifications with regard to, e.g. hardness and durability,” says director, Lars Wildenchild.

Online information

Dan-Foam has started using PolyScan, developed by FORCE Technology, for the testing of the mattresses’ foam material. PolyScan distinguishes itself by providing immediate, online information about the height and density of the foam, which not only provides assurance of the product’s quality. The system can also be used to optimise the utilisation of the raw materials in production. 

“PolyScan is an x-ray system, which the large blocks of foam pass through. The X-ray beam can be placed freely along the entire height of the block and based on the attenuation of the beams, the density is calculated. With the manufacture of the foam block, the top surface will always be uneven and it has to be cut off in a later process."

"The less foam material that needs to be cut off the better the utilisation of the raw materials. And PolyScan contributes to the control of this,” says Project Manager, Finn Olesen and Sales Manager, Lars Holmberg, from FORCE Technology.

A good night’s sleep

Dan-Foam manufactures a vast number of mattresses per week and with PolyScan they can be quite sure that the important production data is in order. Moreover, the savings on raw materials makes PolyScan a sensible investment. 

“When we look back on our testing, which used to be based on manual, destructive sampling, then PolyScan is a significant step forward. Not only do we have good documentation on the entire manufacturing process, but we can also better control our raw material consumption. This is something that would give any business a good night’s sleep,” says Lars Wildenchild.