Topsoe Fuel Cell, Risø and FORCE Technology bring fuel cell technology to the market: purer, with longer service life duration and affordable – and flexible.

Fossil fuels will not last in the long run, everybody knows that today. At Topsoe Fuel Cell A/S in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark they have long sought a realistic answer to the questions of how we convert our energy consumption towards pure and long-lasting energy resources. And on the way to our goal – how we can economise the best way possible with the fossil fuels that we still maintain.

New technology globally and locally

As a result, Topsoe Fuel Cell together with Risø focus on developing fuel cells that run and produce electric power and heat directly on natural gas and a number of other fuels, e.g. bio fuels. The perspectives of such flexible technologies are numerous. For instance the vision of locally produced pure energy at decentralised power plants or directly in a private household is now a technological possibility.

At Topsoe Fuel Cell steps are also taken to carry the technology past the national borders. ”Denmark is already known all over the world for creating new green growth technologies”, says Project Manager Claus Friis Pedersen from Topsoe Fuel Cell. However, bringing the technology to the market requires intense developing efforts.

Thin cells, micro thin surfaces

Fuel cell stacks that are efficient, long-lasting for commercial use and affordable have, among other things, required development of very thin fuel cells and micro thin coating of the so-called interconnects – i.e. sheets that separate the cells in the stack. As the only company in Denmark, FORCE Technology masters the plasma spraying technology that has made development of the micro thin interconnect-coating possible.

Mutual development responsibility 

Topsoe Fuel Cell has co-operated closely with FORCE Technology for a number of years. ”We are pleased to expand the co-operation to an actual mutual development responsibility”, says Claus Friis Pedersen and continues: ”The long-standing co-operation with FORCE Technology on process optimisation is crucial for heightening the quality and lowering the price – and bringing very flexible energy technology to the market”.