eQ1090, the electronic quality management tool wins prize. eQ1090 makes working according to EN 1090-1 easier.

CE labelling requirements for steel structures entail requirements for certification of the companies´ welding methods and quality system. FORCE Technology has developed an electronic quality management tool – eQ1090.

The system was developed for small and medium-sized welding firms and makes working according to EN 1090-1 easier since every aspect of the process is documented.

This simple solution has paid dividends. At Scandinavia´s hi technology and industry expo, eQ1090 won two out of a possible three stars as a Danish innovation.

In Sweden, eQ1090 is used by companies including Swans Mekaniska, which employs nine people: “eQ1090 is well set up for and integrated in our quality work. We used to just keep everything in our heads. Now things are structured, profitable and fun,” explains owner Tomas Swan.