Faced with a growing order book the Gazelle company, ATKI needed new tools to match customer expectations. During a project together with FORCE Technology, ATKI introduced customised tools whereby much extra work is avoided.

Light emitting parking signs, and road signs showing traffic speed and travel times are examples of products developed by the Danish technology company, ATKI. ATKI experiences a rapid growth and has been nominated a Gazelle company. As a consequence of the increasing interest in using ATKI’s technology solutions on the Danish roads, the company has evolved over the last 11 years from being a small start-up business to becoming a medium-sized company with 30 employees. This transformation has increased ATKI’s need for unambiguous project agreements with their customers.

More precise requirements are needed

“Previously, we were not quite so aware if the requirements for an assignment changed compared to the offer we had given to the customer,” says ATKI’s CEO, Claus Mejby Nielsen.

This led to a lot of extra work in order to meet customer expectations, which did not correspond to ATKI’s original perception of the task. Therefore ATKI decided to run a project with FORCE Technology focusing on customer dialogue – the project was also a ‘Videnkupon’-project sponsored by The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

“FORCE Technology'S consultant Carsten Jørgensen skillfully approached us where we were in the project,” says Claus Mejby Nielsen.

At an early stage the focus of the project was directed towards unambiguous requirement specifications and an improved process for making these, plus a refinement of the company’s expertise within this area. According to Claus Mejby Nielsen the project has been rewarding:

“Now it is easier and faster for us to produce quotes because we have checklists to ensure we perform all the relevant activities.”

Useful tools – not just a binder on the shelf

There are many guidelines and textbooks within the field, but Claus Mejby Nielsen emphasises: “You can easily add a new policy, but what is more important is to have tools we can use, rather than just policies in a binder on the shelf.”

Focusing on useful tools has been a common mind-set for ATKI and FORCE Technology throughout the project.

The result

“Due to the cooperation with FORCE Technology we now have the means to break the project down into modules and define who does what and when – also when it comes to our suppliers,” says Claus Mejby Nielsen and continues: “Today, we have a more conscious transfer of knowledge – also internally. Moreover, our processes are more formalised and we have checklists that help us quickly through the processes.”