With the new Quality Management System employees and management at Santrol Europe ApS have got a practical everyday management tool - although they are a small company in a large group.

Santrol Europe ApS delivers coated sand (proppants) for the offshore industry. When drilling a hydraulic fracture can be made whereby the “stone”, in which you are working, will crack.

In order to prevent the “stone” from closing again proppants are pumped into the cracks. The high pressure and the heat will activate the proppants which are getting hard and therefor leave the cracks open allowing larger extraction. 

The company, which is an order-producing company, is a branch of a big American corporation. There are 10 employees in the location in Fredericia, and the products are sold worldwide. 

A simple – but usable system

In order to retain the customers, the management at Santrol Europe ApS decided to establish a Quality Management System to be certified according to the ISO 9001.

”For a long period we had been working with the establishment of a Quality Management System inspired by the system of our parent company,” Production Manager Thomas Jensen says.

”However, the system was too big and complicated and unsuitable in our daily work. Therefore we chose to establish a smaller and more useful system. We chose to get help from one of FORCE Technology’s consultants and our quality coordinator participated in a course at FORCE Technology in order to learn the technical terms.”

We wanted to be part of the process

”Because of organizational changes and great pressure of business the establishment of the system took over one year. However, it was important for us to participate in the entire process to make sure that the system would be suitable for our company. We had to take the necessary time for the final completion,” Thomas Jensen continues.

”During the process we had a continuous dialogue with the consultant from FORCE Technology, which worked really well. The consultant performed an internal audit to make the system ready for registration. Only a few notions had to be changed”.

A useful instrument in the daily work

”The result is, that we now have more control of the internal processes and procedures, which has given us a straightforward workday and a structured management – and the construction of the system is ”down to earth” and easy to understand for all employees. We see the system as a practical tool in our daily work. Earlier only few people had the knowledge, now it is easily available to everybody.”

Next step

”The next step will be an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 and an Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001. Also here we will use the consultants from FORCE Technology as they have a practical approach to the job,” Thomas Jensen concludes.