After a close knowledge collaboration with FORCE Technology, the design company Nicodesign has brought its stimulation tool for patients with dementia closer to market.

SEMO – a sensory memory helping dementia patients relive memories

Sensory memory game is the name of the product and aims to help people suffering from dementia to relive memories by using human senses both individually and in group context.

Before Nicodesign initiated the collaboration with FORCE Technology in the summer of 2014, the company tested SEMO with a group of nursing home residents. Here, the staff observed that the participants reacted positively and emotionally when using the product. Still, the CEO of Nicodesign, Nicolas Nicolaou saw a need for external technical expertise to realize SEMO.

“We needed someone that could solve the electronic challenges of the product. And FORCE Technology was the ones for the job. Likewise they contributed with other aspects of product development like establishing a network and business insights” says the founder of Nicodesign.

Nicolas Nicolaou elaborates:

“FORCE Technology gets involved actively in the process, is thorough with research concerning the project and delivers relevant and realistic solutions. It is a thrill to work with someone that speaks the same language” he says.

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