PolyTech was to develop a new method of manufacturing a component. FORCE Technology helped verify the production process in order for PolyTech to continue supplying products of very high quality.

PolyTech A/S, a sub-supplier of components to the wind turbine industry, was required to reduce costs on a well-functioning component for wind turbines – higher quality at a lower price. It was obvious for the company to move the production to their Chinese factory office since the components are also used in the Far East.

Besides lowering the wage costs, PolyTech wished to develop a new production process, which had to be verified, to make sure that it met the quality requirements.

Respected third party

”We needed an impartial third party to test and verify that the components we develop and manufacture at our Chinese factory meet and comply with the extremely high quality requirements from our customer.

We chose FORCE Technology, since you are a well respected third party, and you are an obvious choice when it comes to know-how within metallurgy”, says Mads Kirkegaard, R&D Manager with PolyTech.

”When we initiate new projects, both in the Far East and in Denmark, the risk based analysis is the cornerstone. We have to ascertain beforehand that nothing will go wrong. We cannot just forward a drawing or sketch to the Far East and expect a satisfactory result. Therefore, we performed a risk based analysis on the new and somewhat more complex manufacturing process in co-operation with FORCE Technology and we were assisted in tracing typical pitfalls.

FORCE Technology offered their assistance exactly where we needed them. We have been given expert assistance targeted at us and that really did the trick”, Mads Kirkegaard continues.

Programme for quality control

”We were assisted with the metal technical details such as e.g. choice of material, heat treatment, in line material control and mechanical testing. According to what is important as regards quality in respect to the various processing stages of manufacturing, we have prepared a quality control programme that provides maximum assurance of supplying well-functioning components”, concludes Mads Kirkegaard from PolyTech.