TCM is a pioneer within CO2 capture methods for reducing CO2 emissions.

In these climate-changing times, increased political and technological attention is given worldwide to minimizing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere. As emissions of fossil fuels from industrial facilities are an extensive source of COin the atmosphere, there is great interest in new technologies to reduce the CO2emissions from this sector.

COTechnology Centre Mongstad (TCM) in Norway is the world’s largest facility for testing and improving COcapture technologies for industrial facilities. COcapturing technologies separate the CO2 from fossil fuel combustions flue gases, in order to store the COin a safe place, e.g. in an acceptable underground geological reservoir.

TCM is, in cooperation with a series of partners and industry suppliers, testing, verifying and introducing new methods for COcapture technologies. FORCE Technology is, by virtue of a high level of expertise within air emissions, involved as an independent third party in the testing process.

FORCE Technology measures compositions and flows

FORCE Technology is performing third part verification measurements for TCM in order to document compliance with environmental legislation. In addition to the compliance measurements, FORCE Technology performs process measurements at different points through the plant. In some cases, it has been necessary to develop methods adapted for the special conditions at the plant.

“These results are of high value for TCM, as the numbers independently verify very low emissions of amine compounds and no emissions of any potentially harmful compounds. The results additionally verify gas phase composition instrumentation, i.e. COgas phase analyzers”, says Dr. Espen Steinseth Hamborg, Technology Manager at TCM.

TCM chose FORCE Technology as the independent third party for testing and measurement in this assignment after a market competition process between FORCE Technology and others. So far, TCM has good experience with the service and the results that FORCE Technology have delivered: 

“The cooperation has been good, and we have had many constructive and fruitful scientific discussions. Some of the collaborating work was scientifically published at the International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT-12) in Austin by the end of 2014”, says Dr. Espen Steinseth Hamborg.

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