Our bridge resource management training helped Dorian LPG’s employees become an efficient team by enhancing their performance, work quality and safety.

In just three years, Dorian LPG expanded their fleet from 4 LPG ships to 22. The change from having a limited number of employees to a large staff of navigators with different backgrounds and cultures brought on some communication challenges.

Teamwork, communication and coordination

Dorian LPG wanted to ensure that all employees had the same level of skills. They also wanted the teams to enhance their communication skills, so they could collaborate more efficiently.

With our Bridge Resource Management (BRM) training all main subjects dealt with in the classroom are exercised in the full-mission simulators afterwards. 

“When using the simulators, the participants train their teamwork abilities both in routine activities as well as in very demanding scenarios – thereby assessing their abilities to respond properly as a team in stressful situations,” explains Captain Guillermo Garay, Senior Instructor at FORCE Technology.

During the BRM course it is particularly important that the participants gain insight into the way different team members manage stressful situations on the bridge. Consequently, they learn how to readapt quickly as a team to provide a robust response that will either prevent, neutralise or mitigate unwanted consequences.

This approach was completely new to the participants, and they found it extremely useful: “The program and exercises focus on exploiting all available resources on the bridge, ensuring top efficiency and safety. Trough the analysis of real cases and games, participants get a better understanding of the importance of these concepts This is completely different from other BRM courses,” stated one of the participants.

Cultural diversity is an advantage

After the course, the participants also understood the importance of a multicultural environment when dealing with performance and safety, as each culture contributes to the team with a different approach to problem solving. 

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