A major challenge faced by our clients is to foresee and document the outdoor environment in order to reduce risk as well as expensive limitations in working time.

For offshore units, it is often the harsh environments with low air temperatures and high wind speeds that will affect the outdoor working environment; sometimes even to a degree where the working time for the crew is limited due to the risk of human injuries. 

We can help you with this challenge

A way to evaluate the outdoor working environment is by assessing the “Wind Chill Index” (WCI) which estimates the cooling rate of skin exposed to the surroundings. WCI is affected by the wind speed and air temperature and can be precisely measured in our wind tunnels.

Testing of the offshore unit

Typically, WCI is determined by hotwire measurements on a model of the offshore unit in one of our five wind tunnels. By measuring the local wind environment on a model and combining the measurements with the wind statistics and temperature distribution, we can assess the cooling effects at a number of locations on the offshore unit. The hotwire measurements can be supplemented by an Anemometer Calibration Study.

This is done to determine the effect on the superstructure of the wind speed and direction typically measured by means of anemometer cups located e.g. at the top of deck cranes.

Furthermore, the hotwire measurements can be supplemented by erosion tests to determine gust wind speeds over larger areas. By distributing an erosive material on the area of interest and by gradually increasing the wind tunnel speed, isolines of the speed-up rations are achieved.

In compliance with NORSOK and ISO

Our WCI studies are carried out in accordance with the requirements and methods specified in for example the NORSOK S-002 and ISO 11079 standards. The results are presented in a form that makes it easy to directly compare with the criteria stated in the standards. FORCE Technology has performed WCI studies on several offshore units, and our staff of experienced Naval Architects will help determine which steps to take to obtain an acceptable outdoor working environment.