A consultant from FORCE Technology has helped Yding Grønt with their working environment. Today Yding Grønt has an optimal system which benefits both management and employees.

On the slopes of Yding in east Jutland many different types of lettuces, herbs and vegetables are grown. In 1994, Yding Grønt was established and today, depending on the season, there are between 40 and 60 employees.

About a year ago, Yding Grønt took over the company Skjoldvang Krydderurter ApS in Sabro. Yding Grønt have always attached great importance to the working environment and they have saved both time and money by being on top of the situation as to all kinds of risks related to the working environment in both the office, the stock and the fields.

Consultant from FORCE Technology

The working environment legislation can be complex and therefore the managing director, Søren Flink Madsen decided to hire an impartial working environment consultant from FORCE Technology as a local house consultant.

”We already had a FORCE Technology consultant helping us in the food safety area so it was natural to cooperate with one of his colleagues in relation to our working environment,” Søren Flink Madsen says. ”And we must say it was spot-on. Even if the hired consultant was to take care of the working environment, he is also aware of environmental conditions. In that way, you can say that we have killed two birds with one stone. At the same time we are always up to date as to the latest knowledge and legal framework”.

”The consultant is visiting us three times every year and here the near-by accidents are checked. It is during these visits we find the weaknesses of the working environment ready for improvement. The consultant is totally honest, very energetic and fired-up as well as easy to understand so everybody can relate to what we agree upon.”

A system adjusted to seasonal workers

”We are having many migrant workers and therefore the reports from the safety meetings are both in English and Danish. It is demanded that our employees can read English,” Søren Flink Madsen continues.

At the purchase of equipment and machines the working environment is in focus

”When buying equipment the working environment is always taken into consideration. E.g., the consultant from FORCE Technology told us to use special scissors instead of the ordinary ones - thereby the workers avoided a twist of the hand.

A part of the agreement with our suppliers of equipment and machines is that the consultant from FORCE Technology checks if the equipment is in accordance with the legislation before we pay the bill. In this way we will not have to change the equipment afterwards.”

A Green Smiley from the Danish Working Environment Service

”The Danish Working Environment Service has given us a Green Smiley for the working environment and knocking on wood for many years we have had no working accidents – precisely, because we are on top of the situation” Søren Flink Madsen ends his statement.