The course gives the participants insight into consumers experiences and behaviour related to shopping and use of products and services. This supplies the participants with important information to help them design or adjust their products.

How do consumers make decisions? Why do some consumers enjoy shopping while others just want to get it over? Does gender affect our shopping habits? Can products create a new identity for a company? How should the products be designed for the consumers to want to purchase them? In which way should the stores be decorated for the customers to have a pleasant shopping experience? 

In this course, we will answer questions like these as well as shed light on other subjects like amusement parks, cosmetic surgery and customer experiences with shopping environments.

Course output

Based on the methods and theories of consumer psychology the participants will be able to identify processes and reflect on their own products, services and projects. At the same time, the participants are able to make decisions that strengthen the good consumer experience.


The course is based on psychological theory and specific cases. The cases are about e.g. Danish supermarkets, amusement parks, private hospitals and gardening centres.  
Besides presentations, the course includes group work, reflection exercises and discussion assignments. The specific topics and length of each course is adjusted in accordance with the needs of each company.

Tailor made

The course is adjusted in collaboration with the customer in regards to the domain and field of the participants.
We also adjust the course to fit the expected number of participants as well as wishes regarding duration and depth.