The course introduces Human Factors and its application in safety-critical, operational and industrial contexts.

The participants will gain an understanding of Human Factors and its importance in terms of safety and efficiency.

Target group

The course is relevant for personnel working with safety, safety governance, design and development of technical devices, planning, operation and maintenance of facilities as well as auditors, inspectors, managers and everyone else who has an interest in people, technology and systems in a safety context.


The participants will obtain an understanding of Human Factors and its importance to safety, efficiency and quality in industrial companies. The participants will learn about connections and mechanisms in systems involving people and affecting functionality and safety of daily systems. They will also learn selected terminology, theories and methods from the fields of Human factors as well as some basic psychological factors and their importance to the operational work carried out by people working with planning, operation and maintenance.

Tailor made 

The course is adjusted in collaboration with the customer in regard to the domain and field of the participants.