If the hygiene in a food company is not satisfactory, productivity issues will occur. In a worst-case scenario, foodstuff safety issues may also arise.

Food safety - stainless steel production equipment

Hygiene, Biofilm, Design, Material selection and CIP

Participants – who should attend?

Persons in charge of production, construction and maintenance 
Persons responsible for HACCP and quality management 
Engineers and inspectors 
Technicians, foremen and supervisors 
Skilled workers in need of updated knowledge


The course is generally informative and is thus directed to participants within consultancy, advisory or development functions, including personnel dealing with quality control.


If the hygiene of a foodstuff company is not satisfactory, the productivity will decrease and, in worst cases, foodstuff safety issues may occur.


Hygiene in the production system is very much determined by the operating conditions, including cleaning processes and hygienic design.


At projection of the plant or expansion of existing plants, it is important to consider material specifications, i.e. the plant’s ”innate” corrosion resistance and welding quality. All the above is to prevent too wide-ranging and too rapid biofilm formation.


Biofilm will always form during production, but if the above has not been optimised, the formation of biofilm will be significant, and contamination of the products will be unacceptable. Thus quality or food safety issues may arise.


The participants will learn about:
  • Facts that are crucial to the hygiene in production plants
  • Biofilm formation
  • Microbiological, physical and chemical risk factors
  • Hygienic design of production equipment
  • Optimisation of CIP procedures regarding hygiene and corrosion
  • Validation of CIP procedures.

Closing date for registration

No later than three weeks prior to course commencement.


Should you be prevented from participating you are welcome to give your place to a colleague.


You are free to cancel or move your course participation until 6 work days prior to course commencement. If you cancel later than 6 work days prior to course commencement, the total fee shall be charged.


2 days

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