The course enables the participant in better understanding the safety concerns arising from the ionising radiation emitted by INF-cargos.

The course is primarily aimed at companies and individuals, who handle INF-cargo (primarily INF 1 & 2) either onboard or onshore.


The course is divided into 5 parts:
Part 1
  • Radioactivity and ionising radiation
  • The interactions between ionising radiation and matter
  • Units and relevant quantities
Part 2
  • The biological effects of ionising radiation
  • ICRP-recommendations and dose limits
  • Everyday exposure to ionising radiation; natural and man-made
Part 3
  • Practical radiation protection (distance, time, shielding)
  • Measuring radiation: Equipment and techniques, followed by exercise in measuring radiation
Part 4
  • Transport of radioactive materials: Danish regulations, type B(U)F containers
Part 5
  • Accidents involving radioactive substances

Course gain

Throughout the course, the participants will gain a thorough knowledge and awareness of the safety concerns that arise from the ionising radiation emitted by INF cargos.


The whole course will be conducted in one day.

Course Language

The course is held in Danish and English. If you wish to have the course held in other languages feel free to contact the course secretary.