Energy labelling visualizes your energy consumption and you are advised how to minimise your energy costs.

Why is it a good idea to energy label your building? Energy labelling is statutory, based on a wish to minimise energy consumption locally as well as globally. FORCE Technology’s energy consultants give it due weight to advise you throughout the whole process, from elaboration of the energy label to savings proposals.

Make energy consumption and improvements visible

An energy label visualises your building’s energy consumption, independently of user behaviour, and is generally used as a declaration of contents when the building is to be sold or rented out. The estimated consumption is a rather precise indicator of the building’s energy-related quality – in contrast to the actual consumption that depends on both the weather and the habits of the building’s users.

Energy labelling provides an overview of the improvements that are economically viable – what it is, what it costs to implement as well as savings on the electricity and heating bills. 

Reducing energy consumption naturally entails a reduction of CO2 emission, but there is also a financial gain. Lower consumption means fewer expenses payable to the supplier. 

Energy labelling consists of:

  • Inspection of the building and the installations
  • Energy label
  • Energy saving measures.

How do you handle savings proposals?

As a building owner it may be difficult to know the most expedient way of starting or the size of the investment. Therefore, the energy label is often not used optimally and has the reputation that you only use the label itself. However, our consultants have deep insight in technical plants and may help you optimise your building from A-Z. 

How do you handle savings proposals?
  • Should you insulate with 100 mm or 300 mm, and what does it cost? 
  • Is it better to invest in new windows? 
  • Maybe it is possible to recuperate heat in the air through a recovery plant?
  • How much will you invest and in which order?
  • By when will you recoup the investment? 
FORCE Technology’s energy consultants can answer these questions when you receive your energy labelling report.

Energy management

In continuation of an energy labelling, we provide energy control of your property. To satisfy this need we offer the product EnergyKey. Read more about energy management and how we may help you.

Contact us if you wish to get an overview of your energy consumption and to get proposals on how to save energy.