Acquire optimal conceptual and front-end engineering (FEED) studies of your wind turbine jacket. Our experts ensure the right solution for your design.

Concept studies

Choosing a concept that will both support the turbine and sustain environmental forces and impact, is vital to ensure a long and reliable service life.

Several jacket designs are evaluated, including monotowers, tripods and 4/8-legged, either launched or lifted. We evaluate the overall dimensions, bracing arrangement, number and size of piles, all of which are highly dependent on topside size and weight as well as water depth. In-place conditions are also analysed. 

The results from the concept phase includes a recommendation of jacket type, including weight reports, cost estimates and conceptual drawings. When considering cost efficiency, practicality and endurance of the jacket, we focus on finding the solution that is the most suited to your needs.

FEED studies

Once a concept is determined, we move over to the FEED study. FEED stands for front end engineering design and comprises more detailed analyses and reports such as the ones listed further below.

  • Design drawings describing the structure:
    • main elevations and frames
    • appurtenances
    • supports of risers
    • j-tubes and conductors
    • pile clusters and mudmats
    • piles
    • lift points or launch runners
    • and more
  • Interface drawings towards topside and subsea
  • Layout drawings for appurtenances
  • Conceptual drawings for installation aids:
    • buoyancy tanks
    • guides and bumpers
    • bollards
  • Conceptual drawings of walkway, access platforms, rigging platforms, ladders
  • Installation and transportation drawings
  • Documentation reports covering the Operation phase (ULS, ALS, FLS), the transport and installation phases (ULS, FLS)
  • Fabrication schedule and plan
  • Weight and material take off

In addition to the In-place conditions and boat impact analyses, other phases such as load-out, transportation and installation are evaluated. In the delivery, weight reports, cost estimates and drawings may be included.

Consultancy and expertise

FORCE Technology offers experience and expertise tailored to your specific needs. With our engineers on the task, you can feel safe, knowing that you have a dedicated and experienced team on your side. Our variety of specialists within areas ranging from material technology, integrity management to monitoring and inspection make us a qualified supplier and partner to the offshore industry. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more information, or if you have any questions or inquiries regarding our concept and FEED studies of wind turbines.