Apply IoT technologies to leverage new types of data in the supply chain.

Supply chain monitoring and new technologies are rapidly evolving. Technological development is changing the way supply chains are monitored and controlled - thereby avoiding wastage and delays - but also creating completely new value-chains and business models.

In this webinar, targeted at the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology industries, you will learn about some of the new technological opportunities and considerations that the IoT technology can bring to new supply chain initiatives. Focus will be on choice of IoT technology, location, data retrieval, analysis of data and tracking. 

Who should participate?

The webinar is relevant for all who are responsible for managing, developing and optimising the supply chain in life science companies within pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, hearing aid and similar.

Meet your host: Morten Wagner

Morten is a dedicated IoT evangelist and part of FORCE Technology's new unit for IoT, Data and Service Innovation. Morten will speak about how you can apply IoT technology to support not only optimization of the supply chain, but to generate new business opportunities.