Get a good insight into what, why and how when testing your product.  

Join us for this seminar to explore some of the basics in mechanical and material testing as well as some emerging trends in R&D.
Mechanical and structural testing of materials, components and systems is a specialized field used for development and validation work within various industries and engineering fields. In this area where little to no formal training is available, most engineers working in test come to it by gaining hands-on experience and learning-by-doing.
In this seminar you get a good insight into the latest methods and technology used within mechanical and materials testing. This provides you with a good insight as to what, why and how when testing your product.  
Mechanical test of large structures


We will cover five important themes within mechanical and materials testing for both development and validation:

13:00-13:30 Design of testing programs – determining your testing matrix and reaching the right mix of testing from small-scale to large-scale 
Eric Daniel Putnam, FORCE Technology
13:30-14:00 Welding qualification testing – what works and what doesn’t
Rian Holdstock, FORCE Technology
14:00-14:15  Break
14:15-14:45 Measurements and instrumentation – validation of your product or system
Mads Holm, FORCE Technology
14:45-15:00  Break
15:00-15:30  Advanced testing and modelling – the latest research on hybrid testing and simulation
Jacob Paamand Waldbjørn, DTU Mechanical Engineering
15:30-16:00 Fatigue testing and research activities at Fraunhofer LBF
Dr.-Ing. Jörg Baumgartner, Fraunhofer LBF 

Who is this seminar relevant for?

This seminar is for those that are thinking about becoming involved in testing of materials and mechanical or structural systems. It is as well for those that are experienced in the field and would like to broaden their knowledge and background with the latest trends in R&D within mechanical and structural testing.

Meet the speakers

You will be guided through this event by specialists in materials and mechanical testing with a combined experienced spanning the many size-scales and complexities associated with testing from materials to large multi-axial test subjects. 

Eric Daniel Putnam, Head of Department for materials testing and component and structure testing, has been engaged with large-scale testing for 10+ years and the last 5 years at FORCE Technology. 

Rian Holdstock, Project manager in materials testing has his PhD in welding metallurgy and has more than 10 years of experience across various industries from oil and gas to offshore wind. 

Mads Holm, Specialist in engineering consultancy has been providing specialized engineering support for commercial and R&D projects within welding, fatigue and fracture testing programs. 

Jacob Paamand Waldbjørn, PhD and Post-doctorate fellow at the Technical University of Denmark, is a leading specialist in advanced test methods for large-scale testing of complex constructions and components. 

International speaker TBC

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