Understanding maintenance in the Industry 4.0 context to enable new business opportunities and make it more profitable.

In the last twenty years, maintenance has become one of the key value drivers for improving the competitiveness of manufacturing companies. In the meantime, new technologies and best practices to support maintenance activities have been developed and progressively adopted by manufacturers.

Today, the Industry 4.0 agenda and its technologies are catalyzing new ways to support maintenance operations and to capture value from them. One - extensively used and misused - example is the enabling of predictive maintenance.

In this webinar you will get an overview of how the maintenance field approached the fourth industrial revolution, and how the latter is currently shaping it, generating new value creation opportunities. 

Who should participate?

This webinar is tailored to representatives from manufacturing companies, such as production and maintenance managers, engineers, project managers, digital and innovation officers and similar.

Meet your host

Michele Colli is an Industrial IoT specialist at FORCE Technology and Ph.D. candidate from Aalborg University.  He has been working with digital maturity, developing a new assessment approach, and with IoT and the enabling of transparency across supply chains. His articles have been presented at several international conferences and published in peer-reviewed outlets.

In FORCE Technology, he takes part of both consultancy, business development and research projects, bridging his Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Technology backgrounds with his expertise in the Industry 4.0 agenda.