Get a good insight into the opportunities, challenges and, not least, the pitfalls you should know before getting started with IoT.

Everything you need to know to get started with IoT

Do you want to improve your products with IoT? Create new services based on IoT? Or are you thinking about digitally optimising your production and logistics?

Many companies are in the early stages of implementing IoT. Others have tried to get started but without success. Common to both groups is - not least in the medium-sized and large companies - that there may be some doubt and hesitation in getting started or moving forward, because IoT is different from other technologies.

To overcome both doubt and hesitation, we would like to present a well-proven and experience-based approach to getting started with IoT, a method that especially medium-sized and large companies can greatly benefit from using.

The method is partly based on the business ideas you have in the company - partly on your IoT maturity / abilities and the resources that you can bring to the process. This starting point can be translated into an individual plan that defines both the development steps you have to take and how you can make use of the Danish IoT ecosystem.

In the webinar, we present the method for getting started with IoT, including real-life examples that illustrate the opportunities and pitfalls your company may face. Among other things, you can learn more about:

  • What kind of technology is IoT - and how is it used in the business development process?
  • Where are the pitfalls when working with IoT?
  • How is IoT used in product development, for servitization and for optimising supply chains?
  • How to create your optimal starting point for working with IoT?
  • Which roles - internal and external - are there in an IoT development project?
  • What will your plan to get started with IoT look like?
  • How do you best use the market and the Danish IoT ecosystem?

Meet Søren - one of Denmark's leading experts within IoT 

The webinar is hosted by Søren B. Sørensen, head of the IoT unit at FORCE Technology. This unit uses IoT to innovate companies and government organisations. Søren has 30 years of experience with digitalisation - and is one of Denmark's leading experts in digital innovation with a special focus on IoT for business development. Søren is the author of the guide: "Get started with IoT", that will be sent to all who participate in one of the webinars.

Relevant to all who are implementing IoT

The webinar is broadly aimed, but especially at decision-makers in middle-sized and large companies. Decision makers in top management, digital strategy, innovation, business development, service management, product management, R&D, or production / logistics. CTOs, CDOs and CIOs can also benefit from participating in the webinar.

About us

FORCE Technology is the leading Danish consultant and designer of IoT solutions. FORCE has been working with the IoT area for almost 10 years - from the technology was in its infancy to today where the technology is mature and ready for use. FORCE Technology has completed more than 80 IoT projects within product development, servitization and supply chain optimisation.

In the field of IoT, we employ Danish and international experts in IoT electronics, IoT design, network technology, product security, digital supplies and services.

FORCE Technology is one of the 7 Danish "GTS" institutes whose task is to promote technological innovation in Danish companies. We are co-founders of the Nordic IoT Center, which aims to ensure that Denmark is the country in the world that best supports the development and application of IoT in companies and society. We also run Servitize.DK, which aims to help Danish companies draw up a strategy for servitization.