Are you a food producer or food equipment manufacturer working with food safety on a daily basis? Then our free webinar on Food Safety Culture may be of interest to you.

Register for this webinar and learn what the basics of Food Safety Culture (FSC) are, why it is important and what to pay attention to.

In this context we have developed a tool. an electronic questionnaire, for self-assessment of the maturity “level” of FSC in your company. The maturity assessment serves as an indicator of how your company is doing and where the development points are.

Why this increased focus on FSC?

Since March 2021, it has been an EU legal requirement that all food producers implement a Food Safety Culture. However, our experience shows that this requirement, as well as its efficient implementation, has not been widely advertised and embraced. FSC is intended to be an essential element of ensuring food safety on all levels of food handling. Our objective is to raise awareness on FSC and contribute to improvement of food safety.

After the webinar you may schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with Alan Friis, in case you would like to know more or need an idea on how to improve FSC in your specific case.

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