Understand the value that can be generated through this concept, and get inspired by industry experts.

The latest advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain – namely the arrival of 5G, enabling low-latency and ultra-reliable communication networks – have enabled the remote transferring not only of knowledge, but also of practical skills through the internet.

This concept has been labelled as “Internet of Skills”, and entails highly specialized doctors remotely performing surgeries in particularly inaccessible locations as well as product or production specialists remotely supporting or controlling equipment or untrained operators while they perform assembly, inspection or maintenance operations on the other side of the globe.

But what are the current application cases of the “Internet of Skills”? What is the value that can be generated through this concept? What are the challenges that need to be considered to implement it?

Hear from Internet of Skills experts and industrial IoT experts

This webinar will address these questions in 120 minutes by bringing together the most prominent Internet of Skills experts (Mischa Dohler from Ericsson and Toktam Mahmoodi from Kings College London), 5G experts (Christian Kloch from TDC/5G Innovation Hub) and Industrial IoT experts (Anders Mynster and Michele Colli from FORCE Technology).

During the webinar, the participants will have the chance to discuss their current IoT solutions offering from an Internet of Skills perspective and to identify new potential business opportunities.


  • Introduction to webinar and framing of goals
  • Introduction to Internet of Skills
  • Brainstorm session from partners on IoT to IoS perspective on their current solutions
  • Vision of Internet of Skills
  • Opportunities in new communication standards and haptics
  • 5G innovation hub PoC and 5G guaranteed service

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