Gain insight into the potential of using field data for mechanical vibration and shock conditions in lifetime studies for electronic products.

It is common knowledge that vibration and shock conditions that electronic product experience during use, are prone to the reduce the lifetime of the products. But how do we actually get data for the actual conditions and how can we use this knowledge to perform lifetime studies? In this webinar we will answer this kind of questions by using illustrative cases including practical acquisition of vibration and shock data and basic use of acceleration models.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Vibration and shock conditions
  • Vibration and shock related failure mechanisms
  • Vibration and shock measurements
  • Lifetime calculations based on acceleration models.

Learn more in this webinar, where Kim A. Schmidt, one of FORCE Technology's specialists shares his experiences from the field.

About the presenter

Kim A. Schmidt, senior specialist at FORCE Technology, is a mechanical engineer and has worked with all aspects of vibration and shock in robust product design and mechanical testing for more than 40 years. The last 10 years focus has also been on reliability and lifetime aspects.

The webinar is part of FORCE Technology's performance contract "Long live products and materials", which focuses on developing services that support the machinery and electronics industry in developing products with a long service life, incl. possibility of life extension as well as possibility of up- and recycling and thus support CO2 reduction and reduced resource consumption.