Introducing Inherent Risk List as a tool for optimising wind power activities.

In our everyday life, we identify and analyse risks without thinking about it. Even though we do this daily, critical failures occur due to overlooked or underestimated engineering issues. There are many causes of critical failures, and improvements in risk management, general management, and engineering practices are needed to improve the situation.

FORCE Technology is introducing a new management tool, the Inherent Risk List, that may help many companies improve their performance. The Inherent Risk List uses an industry-powered list for systematic project review and creates a structured risk foundation for determining mechanical testing needs.

It can be used in any project or organisation independent of risk management maturity. The tool applies to the wind power, Power-to-X and maritime industries and can be used for:

  • Determining the link between risk, data and testing
  • Competency reviews with respect to failure modes
  • Assessing corporate opportunities and risk management opportunities

This webinar is the first of two where we will present this tool, the opportunities it represents and use cases. The second webinar is scheduled for 11 January 2024 and you can read about it here.

Target group

Engineers, managers and executives in operation and development. We will present a case on wind power, but the webinar learnings can also apply to maritime operations and Power-to-X.


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