The seminar provides you with hands-on knowledge and experience about recycled plastics in products and components combined with a number of interesting business cases from the industry. 

By 2030, all plastic packaging on the EU market should be recyclable or reusable. To fulfill EU and national goals, the supply of recycled plastics must be matches with a demand from customers wishing to integrate recycled plastic into new products. This seminar provides you with hands-on knowledge, experience and inspiration from the user perspective.
We have invited national and international speakers to share their “journey” with us. How did they start out introducing recycled plastic into their products? What have been the main challenges and lessons learned on the way? What is quality? Etc. 
We look forward to seeing you at Vestforbrænding who will tell about their development within plastic recycling and show us around at the plant.
The seminar is arranged by FORCE Technology and held at Vestforbrænding, 
Ejby Mosevej 219, 2600 Glostrup.


19. June 2018






You can registrate for the seminar by e-mail to Charlotte Merlin.
Please state your name, adress, phone number, company and e-mail.  

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